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write your story: for your family or publicatiom

We write for pleasure, but whose pleasure? Our own? Do we want to keep our stories to ourselves or do we want to share them with others?

During this Coronavirus isolation and lock down, classes no longer run. However, in our Memoir Writing Group at Godfrey Steet Community House in Benleigh Victoria Australia our objective is to produce our own story for our family, or for publication to the wider community. We all have writing projects ‘on the go’ which we shared with each other for help and feedback. When we used to meet, we would also write a 15 minute splurge where we just ‘go for it’ and write whatever comes into our heads. It’s amazing what finds its way to the page. Before we start, we knock that editor critic off our shoulder and tell it to take a holiday. There will be plenty of time later to revise and get things right.

We are not sure when the classes will resume and I miss the people and their stories. (please watch the Godfrey st Community House site on Facebook). I believe that everyone has a story to tell. The memoir writing group assists and encourages us to do so in a safe and friendly environment. Members read and discuss historical and personal events from their own point of view. They may wish to write a memoir for their family, or to publish for wider distribution. I am in awe of the talent in our group and can’t wait to hear the next installment of their work in progress.

We are all passionate about writing and I try to make the class handouts on the craft of writing as relevant to our writing as possible. Later in the year, with their permission I hope to showcase members and their work in progress. I’m sure you too will fall in love with their unique and different stories.

Tell your story

When you have the time during isolation why don’t you grab a pen and start recording your life story in the pages of an exercise book? It’s that simple. Later, your family will love to read the stories you tell from your perspective because it is their history: where they came from, their story.

In the beginning, don’t worry about time lines or order. Just jot things down as they come to you. You can always sort it out later.

The book that most changes your life is the one you write.

May you all remain safe and well during Coronavirus isolation

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