Corona-virus and Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards

During the second wave of the Corona-virus lock-down in Victoria Australia, rather than commiseration and doom and gloom we are looking for some good news to share with family and friends. It came this week in the form of an email sent from America. It read…Congratulations. You are a finalist in the 14th National Indie Excellence Award 2020.

National Indie Excellence® Awards

The news could not have come at a better time. I was feeling unmotivated and was definitely slowing down regarding reading and writing. These two things are my motivation and keep me positive and happy. How wonderful to share the news with kindred souls via Facebook and this blog. I also feel happy for Wendy Dunn and Poesy Quill Publishing and all those involved in making What time is it there? such an excellent book, such as Luke Harris (cover design) and David Major /(editing and formatting).

I love it that NIEA have a press release the goes to an array of news and media outlets. We’ll soon see if this affects my sales on 

Press Release

The 14th Annual National Indie Excellence® Awards (NIEA) recognize the Winners and Finalists from this year’s robust competition of entries originating from all across the United States of America. A leader and veteran of publishing award contests, The National Indie Excellence® Awards are open to recent English language books in print from self and independent publishers. Judging is now completed for the 14th year of this competition and the results commend a wide range of truly exceptional titles. The National Indie Excellence® Awards celebrate independent publishing as a strong and vital sector of our industry. Recognizing excellence in all aspects of the final presentation, NIEA champions self-publishers and the independent presses who produce the highest quality books across a spectrum of metrics. Established in 2005, NIEA’s entrants are meticulously judged by experts from various facets of the book industry profession including publishers, writers, editors, and designers. Winners and Finalists are determined on the basis of superior written matter coupled with excellent presentation in every facet of the final published product. Jurors value the synergy of both content and form as they review entries spanning multiple genres. Sponsorship awards and monetary prize awards are selected from the overall group of Winners and Finalists. “This year’s entries continue an upward trend in high-quality publishing, even among first time or newer authors. The competition is intense. Indie Excellence® proudly celebrates the talent, dedication and love they put into the book product.”

– Doug Fogelson, President National Indie Excellence® Awards

I feel this has been a combined effort and I’m so happy that many people have been recognised for the great work they have done through very difficult times

3 responses to “Corona-virus and Finalist in the National Indie Excellence Awards

  1. Congratulations, Glenice! Just wonderful!

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  2. Thanks Jennie. Are you keeping safe and well?


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