Less than a week to go

I can’t believe it is less than a week to the book launch of Something Missing at Swinburne University Sky Lounge.


The book launch is on Sunday 11th Dec , 3pm on the 3rd floor of the AMDC building of Swinburne University on the corner of Burwood Rd and William St. I believe there is a lift when you enter via the Burwood Road entrance. I hope the link below leads you to a map of the campus and parking should be available in Williams Street. I can’t wait to catch up with everyone.

www.swinburne.edu.au  SWINBURNE.EDU.AU

It has been an amazing lead up to this free event and my big day, hosted by Swinburne University

Tuesday it was a radio interview with Neil on 3WBC 94.1fm’s Roundabout program. I blogged about that last time


Friday was another radio interview with Graeme for Southern Radio 88.3 fm

Saturday was an author talk with Julia at the Mentone Libraryimg_4337 img_4343

 So many fabulous, supportive friends came to cheer me on and to celebrate the publishing of my latest book by Madeglobal Publishing. My wonderful and talented friend and colleague, editor, teacher and writer, Mairi Neil blogged about the day and I could resist posting it here.


Introducing Glenice Whitting

It is a privilege to introduce my dear friend Glenice Whitting to you today, although looking around the room no introduction is necessary for so many here, who are already aware of Glenice’s writing ability and talent.

Glenice has been a valued member of Mordialloc Writers’ Group since 1999, and we were lucky to workshop her writing, and later publish early excerpts from both her novels in our anthologies:

Pickle to Pie first delighted us in the story Grossmutter And Me published in 2000 in the anthology Casting a Line and we gleaned the first hint of Glenice’s latest novel, Something Missing, in 2004, with the story What Time is it There? in the anthology Eleven O Four.

Over the last two decades nurturing and teaching local writers, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard: ‘I’m writing a novel’ ‘I could write a book’ ‘I want to write a novel.

Sadly, few follow through with the task or achieve their goal. They may give up by choice or circumstance, or they don’t put the work into the manuscript to realise publication, the traditional or even non-traditional way.

Having a published book in your hand is no mean feat – the journey is not for the faint-hearted. You need dedication to the craft, incredible determination and effort, as well as talent. Networking and luck such as serendipity can play a part, but overwhelmingly it is sheer hard work and a belief in self that finishes the book. And if you are looking for success you need to write a story others want to read.

Glenice ticks all the boxes: she has created recognisable characters and interesting worlds we can identify with – both novels are mainly set in Australia and span historical periods many will recognise. However, they also cover universal themes of family relationships, love and grief, desire, disappointment – real life! Her storytelling style sweeps the reader along and we turn the pages!

Glenice has worked tirelessly at being the best writer she can be, her personal learning curve an inspiration. She went back to school as a mature age student, onto university studies that culminated in a PhD in creative writing.

She has drawn on her own life experiences for her novels, which makes them resonate but has added that infinitesimal quality that good writers possess – imagination!

Enjoy her presentation.

And we did!!


Thanks Mairi for all your help and kindness over the years. Writers supporting other writers. How good is that!

4 responses to “Less than a week to go

  1. lovely to see you here, Lisa. You are always so supportive.


  2. Glenice,So sorry I cannot be with you.
    What a wonderful achievement. Many congratulations and good wishes


  3. Sad that our turf is so far apart. I’d so love to catch up with you, Susan. How are your books going? Many thanks for all your support and kindness xx


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