Mentone Public Library supports local authors

How fortunate we are, in the city of Kingston, (Victoria, Australia) to have someone like Julia Reichstein to support and nurture local writers. Via her Author for All Seasons events at the Mentone Public Library , she not only showcases local writers, but also supportive organisations such as the Mordialloc Writers Group.


This group meets every second Tuesday to workshop work in progress and has seen both my novels in their raw form.


For over twenty years, creative writing teacher and author, Mairi Neil has been the founder and mainstay of the group. Her editing expertise is legendary. Through her tireless efforts many local writers have had their stories published in the eight anthologies produced. I count myself fortunate to be amongst them.

I was delighted to be with her and members of the group to showcase our latest anthology of essays, Kingston Our City.


Julia also invited me to give an author talk on Saturday, 26th November 2016 and has sent out fabulous flyers showcasing my book cover for my latest novel to be published this year by MadeGlobal Another Victorian author Wendy J Dunn has had her third historical novel Falling Pomegranate Seeds published by MadeGlobal in 2016.

book-cover-new Something Missing is about Diane, a naive young married woman who knows that there must be more to life than hairdressing and mothering and needs to discover what it is. When she meets in outback Australia, an older, ‘educated’ American she is attracted by Maggie’s self confidence and broad literary and general knowledge. Diane instigates a pen-pal relationship in the desire to absorb wisdom from Maggie and her knowledge of the world. Something Missing is a story about growing up, growing old, of love, lies and reconciliation.

To promote and publicize this latest novel, Julia has already contacted a long list of local and wider Melbourne media. Fingers crossed they all respond and accept the challenge. The Mentone Public Library is at 36 Florence Street, Mentone Vic Australia 3194. You can see the work Julia does for the community and the aims and focus of this library at the following internet sites.

Below is the flyer she has sent out for me.



Glenice Whitting


Glenice will be talking about the process involved in publishing Pickle to Pie (Ilura Press) and her latest novel, Something Missing by  MadeGlobal

     small-final-pickle-cover                  book-cover-new


Saturday, 26th November 2016
Gold Coin Donation Welcome
Please RSVP by: Thursday, 24th November 2016
Bookings Required:
Phone: 03 9583-8494
Mentone Public Library…Where Print Becomes Personable

With people like Julia, Mairi Neil and the Mordialloc Writers Group writing is no longer a solitary occupation. It is a shared experience with like minded people who care.

7 responses to “Mentone Public Library supports local authors

  1. we are lucky to have Julia and her author voice series and also you as a local author.


  2. Hi Glenice

    Great post and hope you get lots of promotion:)

    Can you just correct the spelling of my name to Mairi:)

    hope all is well and you have a great weekend.

    love Mairi xx



  3. oops. Trust me, Dashing off a blog and I miss something like that. Sorry, Mairi. twill be fixed immediately xxx


  4. What time is it, Glenice?


  5. Lovely to see you here, Lisa. I had to double check but it is 11am Sat 26th Nov at the Mentone Library. xxxxx. I think it finishes about 12.30 if I allow time for questions. There are sure to be some concerning how to get your work published.


  6. Dear Glenice
    Congratulations for this wonderful day.
    I wish I could be there in body.
    I will be there in spirit.
    Looking forward to reading SOMETHING MISSING.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. It’s great to have you walking beside me, Susan. How is one of your books, ‘Caring vs Curing’ going? I find I’m constantly getting it down from the shelf to glean more information about palliative care options for people who need it. Love Glenice


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