Deakin University Literary Fest

At the Geelong Campus and surrounding libraries


When the wattle, magnolias and daisies are in full bloom Melbournians know that spring has finally arrived.

Ah, now we hear the heart of the year for the young trees leap and glow              And nesting birds speak hot love-words as they flit from a dancing bough           AG Stevens

wattle     magnolia       purole flowers

At last we can finally shed the winter woollies, don trendy gear and enthusiastically join in all the spring activities and festivals Melbourne has to offer. The Deakin University Literary Fest is one such event not to be missed. Part of the festival is the Home to Home Digital Story Exhibition.

Home to Home Digital Story Exhibition is a free exhibition of stories revealing a part of society that is usually hidden away. Open until  Tuesday 15 September 2015  you can visit the exhibition (open to public ) at Gallery Two, Deakin University Waterfront Campus.

Geelong Waterfront campus map

These stories uncover the hidden lives of young Australians with disability living in nursing homes because there is simply nowhere else for them to go. Storytellers have produced insightful videos about their unique experience of living in a nursing home, being at risk of living in one or being a parent of one of these young people. Through these stories, we are invited to glimpse what life is sometimes like living in residential aged care where the average age of fellow residents is 84, where there is no choice about what time to go to bed, what to wear, or what and when you eat. The emotions of grief, frustration and sadness are deeply present in this collection of stories. But so are the themes of perseverance, strength of character and hope. To find out more visit

deakin stairs       deakin 4

While you are in Geelong take time to soak in the joy of spring flowers, bay views and sunny days. Living on the Mornington Peninsula on the other side of Port Phillip Bay and rarely driving the miles needed to get to Geelong on the opposite side, I had forgotten the amazing beauty of the area and the friendliness of the people. It will not let so many years slip by before I visit again

view sea


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