An unexpected journey

Melbourne, Kuala Lumpur, Surat Thani Airport, then a bus and Raja Ferry to Ko Samui.

I’m joining Jason, Karen, Tahlia and Caxton on their holiday in a private house on Ko Samui  Island off the coast of Thailand.

thai family pic

A friend asked me what airline I was travelling on. When I told her, she wrinkled her nose and said, ‘What flowers would you like me to bring to the crash site’.

Jason, Karen and family left last Friday and have sent pictures of the house. It looks superb. All I have to do is get there.

Thai house 4 thai house 2

I’m delighted to see it has a pool as it will be as hot as hell the entire time we are in Thailand. It is their summer and temperatures soar during April.

thai house 6  thai house 5

When I asked Jason for the address of the Ko Samui house the returning text said, ‘No address here. Just go past the white horse and turn left at the big chicken, Go straight until you find the old lady selling bananas, then you will see a medium sheet of bamboo on the left which is our driveway.’ Thank goodness he is meeting me at the ferry.

To be continued


4 responses to “An unexpected journey

  1. Enjoy your holiday and exciting travels. Safe trip. Wendy xx


  2. What a wonderful read!
    Although, I now have a craving for mango cocktails.
    What lovely memories and experiences you now have to add to your personal journal of life.
    Love from The Warsow’s xxx


  3. HA Ha Ha..I’m glad i remembered where the white horse was!!!!


  4. It was a fabulous and precious time with grandchildren and extended family


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