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Brenda Addie: Actor, Playwrite, Author and Traveller Extraordinaire

Greeks, Romans and Spaniards, Ole

Brenda Addie is Dean of Academic Studies and is responsible for the Academic Program at Whitley College Melbourne. Her passion is the theatre and ALL THE WORLD’S A STAGE THEATRE TOURS started as an idea to trace the history and development of world theatre through travel to and engagement with significant world theatre sites and current productions. But it’s not just about famous writers, actors or directors … it is also about place. And with each place comes the signature, the colour, the richness of the work. Brenda has personally researched all the areas the tour will be visiting and will take her fellow companions to off the beaten track destinations and accommodation.  For this reason myself and a friend caught the train into Melbourne and tram to Melbourne University to attend THE HOMAGE TO WORLD THEATRE FREE INFORMATION SESSION Starting at 6.30pm in the GRYPHON GALLERY, 1888 BUILDING, UNIVERSITY OF MELBOURNE.


brenda food We were greeted with drinks and nibbles and soon discovered how easily you can see the world and see world theatre. Brenda’s presentation was impeccable and left us wanting more. Suggested authentic local restaurants and cafes definitely appealed to this foodie. Below is a section from her website. Find out how you can join this amazingly talented and inspirational woman on her quest to see the world and see world theatre.

… designed for the cultural hedonist, the aesthete – the adventurer, the lover of art, language and history and the lover of the unusual.

Tour Highlights:

  • Ancient Greek theatre in an Ancient Greek Amphitheatre
  • Odysseus’ Ithaca
  • Athens & Epidaurus Festival
  • Almada International Theatre Festival
  • Merida Classical Theatre Festival
  • Toledo: Goya, Van Dyck, El Greco, Teatro de Rojas
  • Teatro Gil Vicente in Cascais
  • Roman theatre in a Roman Amphitheatre
  • Spanish theatre in 16c Corral de Comedias de Almagro
  • Don Quixote and the windmills of Castille La Mancha
  • Almagro International Festival of Classical Theatre
  • The Grec Festival of Barcelona


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